Canon Eos R8 Mirrorless Dslr Camera & 24-50mm IS STM lens
  • Canon Eos R8 Mirrorless Dslr Camera & 24-50mm IS STM lens
  • Canon Eos R8 Mirrorless Dslr Camera & 24-50mm IS STM lens
  • Canon Eos R8 Mirrorless Dslr Camera & 24-50mm IS STM lens
  • Canon Eos R8 Mirrorless Dslr Camera & 24-50mm IS STM lens

Canon Eos R8 Mirrorless Dslr Camera & 24-50mm IS STM lens



• 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor: The ideal balance of detail and performance
• Max ISO 102,400: Expandable to 204,800 for superb photos in low light
• Max ISO 25,600: Expandable to 102,400 for cinematic video even in dark conditions
• Dual Pixel CMOS AF II: Recognises and tracks subjects keeping them in sharp focus

• -6.5EV AF sensitivity: Focuses in light equivalent to half-moonlight
• 40fps electronic shooting and 6fps with Electronic First Curtain
• 30fps RAW burst mode: With 0.5 sec pre-shot capture
• Flicker detection
• Advanced HDR: HDR modes for still or moving subjects
• 4K 60p video: Superb clarity of details and motion in H.265/H.264

RF 24-50mm IS STM lens

Give your creativity a full-frame upgrade with a lightweight hybrid camera that delivers superb photos and video. This mid-range mirrorless camera has a 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that’s perfect for low-light portrait photography and wide, expansive landscapes. Its larger full-frame sensor gives beautiful bokeh and sensational image quality. The EOS R8 is a great option for hybrid shooting, thanks to its high-quality 4K 60p video mode – achieved by 6K oversampling – and easy-to-use pro filmmaking features. Dual Pixel CMOS AF II technology identifies, recognises and tracks subjects right across the frame, keeping them sharp whether you’re shooting photos or video. And shooting moving objects is easy, thanks to a 40fps¹ electronic shutter. This is a connected camera too, able to work with your smartphone or computer for easy image sharing and remote control.

Make the leap to full-frame image quality

Shoot your best work yet with a 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that balances detail, speed and low-light performance. The larger sensor also captures more detail in the brightest and darkest parts of a scene, making this a great landscape photography camera. It also lets you shoot powerful portraits with beautiful background bokeh. Multiple HDR modes let you capture more dynamic range, even with moving subjects.

Serious video made simple

Extend your creativity into the world of video, with pro performance and filmmaking features. Enjoy up to 4K/60p resolution, Focus Breathing Compensation and our famous Canon Log 3 colour profile, that allows for professional colour grading. Full HD footage can be shot at up to 180 fps for smooth slow-motion effects. This hybrid camera makes these features so easy to use that nothing will break your creative flow.

It’s like seeing in the dark

When light levels drop, the EOS R8 carries on delivering superb photos and video. Its large full-frame sensor means less digital noise, so the camera can shoot at up to ISO 102,400 (extendable to ISO 204,800). Its Dual Pixel CMOS AF II focusing is sensitive to -6.5EV – that’s about the same as the light of a half-moon.

Heavyweight features, lightweight design

Weighing just 461g, the EOS R8 is our lightest full-frame mirrorless camera yet, so you can take it to more places, more often. Your constant creative companion is great for shooting events on location. A dedicated switch lets you swap between photo and video modes, retaining settings in each one. A Vari-Angle screen is perfect for shooting from different angles.

Intelligent focusing that’s simply smart

Our class-leading Dual Pixel CMOS AF II recognises lots of different subjects even near the edges of the frame, and tracks them even if they briefly vanish from view. Whether you’re shooting portraits or filming interviews, the EOS R8 locks on to a subject’s eyes, face, head or body, keeping them pin sharp.

Connected to your workflow

Connect to smart devices, Wi-Fi networks and laptops to share photos and movies with followers and friends, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and ‘always on’ Bluetooth® 4.2. You can even control the camera remotely from your phone, process RAW files in the cloud and use the EOS R8 as a high-quality webcam.

The need for speed

When you’re shooting moving objects, the EOS R8 can shoot continuously at an incredible 40 fps using its electronic shutter. A 30 fps Raw burst mode can even capture frames up to 0.5 sec before you press the shutter release, so you won’t miss a thing.


Canon RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens:

·         General-purpose, everyday, travel

·         Entry level

·         4.5-stop IS, 24-50mm, compact design, STM focusing


Discover the joy of shooting stills and video with a lightweight, stowable, wide angle zoom lens for travel photography offering a 2x zoom and 24-50mm focal length, perfect for family groups, interiors and still life photography. With great optics, advanced 4.5-stops image stabilisation, beautifully quiet operation and intuitive handling, it’s the perfect Canon everyday lens to take with you anywhere and is a great lens for portraits and street photography.


The ideal starter lens that’s a joy to use

Capture great memories in stills and video with a compact and lightweight Canon everyday lens offering a 2x zoom and 24-50mm focal length, perfect for family groups, portraits, interiors and travel photography.


Powerful image stabilisation for video and stills

Pick up and use handheld straight away with super steady results, thanks to a 4.5-stop Optical Image Stabilizer that lets you shoot and film in low light with no need for a tripod.


Smooth, quiet focusing with instinctive control

Shoot and film like a pro thanks to an STM focusing motor that’s fast and quiet with extra control from a customisable lens control ring that lets you adjust different settings at your fingertips.

A lens that works intuitively with your camera

Thanks to its RF mount, the lens works with EOS R series cameras to support a wide range of in-camera image enhancement features including panning in scene mode and focus breathing correction for movies.