Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera (Clay White)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera (Clay White)


Film sold seperately on our site.


  • Compact and cute design. Easily twist the lens to turn on and off
  • Built-in selfie mirror for easy selfies   Close-up mode with parallax correction
  • Features automatic exposure and flash control for bright photos that are not “washed-out”
  • Prints out high-quality, 2” x 3” INSTAX MINI instant photos in approximately five seconds (Development time thereafter is approximately 90 seconds).  Uses INSTAX MINI instant film, which is sold separately.

Bright and vibrant, the INSTAX MINI 12™ instant camera is full of joy, creativity and color. Not only does this iconic instant camera come in five super cute and glamorous shades of pastel blue, mint green, petal pink, lilac purple and clay white, it's packed with easy-to-use modes and controls. is. Designed to keep up with life, the INSTAX MINI 12™ instant camera is ready to go with a twist of the lens. Rotate again for close-up mode, perfect for taking selfies. Combined with a perfectly placed selfie mirror, automatic flash control and INSTAX MINI instant photo, the INSTAX MINI 12 instant camera is a top class selfie. But that's not all you can do in close-up mode. When activated, the viewfinder seamlessly adapts to the lens so you can see what you get - no objects move in the final INSTAX photo! ) When you're this close, there's no room for error. Plus, with auto-exposure, all you have to do is point and click. You don't have to adjust any settings, and you get great photos every time. Therefore, the INSTAX MINI Instant Photo will be ejected about 5 seconds after shooting (then the development time is about 90 seconds). We never compromise on image quality. It deserves a high-five all round.After taking a memorable photo, he turns off the INSTAX MINI 12 Instant Her camera by turning the lens again. But the fun doesn't end here. Download the free INSTAX UP!™ app on your smartphone to keep all his INSTAX photos digitally in one place. All you have to do is INSAX UP! Scanning his printed instax photos with the app and smartphone transforms them into shareable digital photos that can be edited, tagged and saved. Ready to Twist & Go?